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About Us

Meet Dr. Benichou


My name is Liora Benichou. Most of my patients call me Dr. B.

I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. My family and I moved to Paris, France when I was six years old. I went to school in Paris and chose to pursue the healthcare field. By the time I graduated from the dental school in Paris, I knew that I had found my passion. I practiced in Paris for few years.

Life goes on, and few years later, I moved again, this time with my husband. We started a new journey in NYC, and for me, it was the beginning of my story with NYU.

I studied at NYU’s dental school, where I earned my US dental degree and was trained in pediatric dentistry. Two degrees and three children later, in 2011, I was fully ready to practice in NYC. Even more, I learned to become a New Yorker!

Additionally, I joined the faculty at NYU’s dental school. As a clinical instructor, I am able to pass on my expertise to the next generation of doctors.

As a pediatric dentist, I have combined my two passions: medicine and teaching. Every day, we need to teach our patients about their diagnosis, what the possible outcomes are, what the treatment options are. We teach them about the benefits of certain behaviors, and the risks of others. We teach family members how to help our patients, both physically and emotionally.

Today, I am starting a new adventure again. I am opening my own little office, My Teeth & Me, where I hope you and your family will feel at home.


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